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10 Ways To Get More Out Of Your Beach Blanket

July 26, 2017

10 Ways To Get More Out Of Your Beach Blanket

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By Lamin Turay

We can all agree that when we purchase a product we want it to last, and we want to get the most utility out of it. Whether it’s a car, a home, a new pair of shoes, or a television...we want to know that the things we buy are versatile enough to suit our dynamic lifestyles. Not to mention that most of us don’t have the financial freedom to re-up on all of the things we buy every couple of months or year. Selecting products that boast multiple uses has become a mainstay of the purchasing process. It’s also gone into the design thinking of many products. Manufacturers have learned that consumers are less and less interested in possessing one item for one hyper-specialized use. We’re looking for products that can do more and help us to save more.

A great example of a product that allows you to do more, is the traditional Mexican beach blanket. Upon initial inspection, yes, it’s just a beach blanket. However, with some added creativity, you can transform a standard beach blanket into a multitude of useful products. Let’s take a look at 10 Ways To Get More Out Of Your Beach Blanket:

Table Cloth

One of the simplest ways to get a great deal of utility out of a beach blanket is to convert it to a beautiful table cloth. This is an excellent way to get more out of the product when it’s not being used for its originally intended purpose. Not only that, but it’s a great way to dress up any room that could use a splash of color.

Wall Decor

We all have one, two, or a few walls in our homes that could use some decoration. Why not hang your beach blanket up and fill in that blank space. Traditional Mexican beach blankets like those handmade and sold by Fiesta Ziesta, come in a variety of unique designs. There’s sure to be a pattern that matches what you’re looking for in wall decor.

Room Divider

Looking for a little privacy? How about a way to divide two rooms in your home? Why not hang up your beach blanket and create some separation in the home. A beach blanket is large enough to act as a pseudo-wall when you need it to. Find the right pole or secure hooks and hang the blanket up wherever you’re seeking that  perfect amount of subtle seclusion.

Couch Accent Piece

You might already being doing this one and not even know it. Rather than tossing your beach blanket on the couch when you get home, how about positioning it as a stylish accent. Adding your beach blanket can make any drab piece of furniture come to life. Who knows, with the added burst of color, your old boring couch may become the most attractive seat in the house.


Simple, and to the point. If you’re already laying your beach blanket out on the sand why not on the floor in your home. Maybe you need to cover up a bad carpet stain, or you just want to jazz up the look of your office or bedroom. Beach blankets cover a large amount of space, which allows them to substitute as area rugs very easily.


Now this is really cool! Given the type of beach blanket that you possess, you can easily wrap or fold it into a chic scarf. This can be done during any season to accent your outfit. It’s also a great way to add a layer of warmth and comfort during colder months. You can find some useful techniques for folding your blanket into a scarf in the video below:

Dress Up Your Bed

Adding a traditional Mexican beach blanket to your normal bedding can really liven it up. You can neatly fold the blanket and set it at the end of your bed, or drape it over your headboard. Either way it will provide just the right amount of “pop” to bring some flavor to any otherwise muted bedding set up.


If you’re seeking a more permanent way of leveraging your beach blanket inside your home why not use it as a window curtain. The striking patterns on your blanket will provide a degree of artistry to whatever room it’s in. Make sure you’re using a curtain rod that is sturdy enough to hold the beach blanket, as it will be heavier that normal curtains.

SUV or Truck Bed Liner

Take in the sights or lay out and watch the stars while enjoying the comfort provided by your beach blanket within the safety of your vehicle. Whether you’re on a camping trip or a road trip, a beach blanket makes an excellent added layer of comfort for the back of an SUV or the bed of a truck. Don’t forget to snap that perfect photo as well.

Best Friend

At the end of the day your beach blanket is your companion. You can take it anywhere, and it will have your back. It keeps you warm in the cold and bends over backwards to keep you comfortable. It’s your travel buddy, picnic partner, and impromptu decoration. Knowing all of the ways that your beach blanket can serve you is the best method for getting the most out of it.