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Fiesta Ziesta foundation

July 03, 2015

Fiesta Ziesta foundation

Fiesta Ziesta was founded by Alejandro Ramírez in May 2015. Alejandro has been involved in the Fashion & Apparel industry for many years. As a result, he decided to take his own journey and founded Fiesta Ziesta. 

He loves action water sports and gets inspired by been at the beach! Since he´s a little kid he used to go with his friends surfing to secret surf spots and they used to sleep in their hammocks and cover themselves with beach blankets. Awesome sunsets, road trips, friends and family 

Originally he was born in Guadalajara city, México. By traveling, understanding both cultures and languages (English and Spanish) he had the idea and vision of creating an awesome brand for these products. 

His philosophy is to sale products that are made with love by artisans. By selling this products we are supporting to increase artisans quality of life, earn a fair income and creating a more sustainable livelihood for them.