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How Quality Is Made At Fiesta Ziesta

May 10, 2017

How Quality Is Made At Fiesta Ziesta

By Lamin Turay

When quality products come to mind, there are certain brands that tend to stick out. In the realm of clothing it may be Patagonia, Levi Strauss & Co., or Tom Ford. In the realm of shoes it may be Red Wing, Nike, Ferragamo, or Danner. In the realm electronics it may be Apple, Samsung, Bose, or Sony. The point is, that nearly every aspect of our lives are saturated with multiple options for high quality products that are built to stand the test of time. However, where do you go for your high quality beach lifestyle goods? When you need to buy a beach blanket that you know will last, what’s your first thought? A gift shop? A souvenir store?

There is an entire segment of the travel, lifestyle, and comfort product market that is under served and filled with substandard product. Beach blankets that are too thin or don’t provide enough warmth on a breezy night. Mexican ponchos crafted by unskilled laborers that are just looking to catch a few bucks from a tourist. Even accessories like knitted bracelets or dog collars that end up with frayed edges or broken straps the moment you put them into use. These are the symptoms of a lifestyle industry problem that has been perpetuated for decades. When people purchase these types of products they have an expectation that they simply are not built to last. There’s no Levi Strauss & Co. or Danner in the beach lifestyle space. But what if there were?

At Fiesta Ziesta, founder and beach lifestyle aficionado, Alejandro Ramirez has taken a stance on the quality of goods produced by his company. His experience working for companies like Everyday California and Quiksilver have given him a behind-the-scenes understanding have how a successful beach lifestyle brand operates. On top of that, his travels to beach cities all over the United States, Mexico, and even as far out as Australia have given him first hand insight into what people are purchasing and what products are making an impact in those people’s lives. Given that experience, Alejandro set out to create the Patagonia of beach lifestyle brands. A company that produces beach blankets, ponchos, dog collars, bracelets, and accessories with a strict adherence to handmade quality. Fiesta Ziesta has now been in business for two years, and is delivering on its vision. Let’s learn more about how they deliver on the promise of quality.


Beach Blankets

Fiesta Ziesta’s flagship product are its handmade beach blankets. They come in a variety of styles and colors, and incorporate unique features not found in their off-brand counterparts. They are currently constructed using high grade organic cotton, that’s not only durable, but is also sustainably sourced from Oaxaca, Mexico. In the future the blankets will be crafted using durable polyester that offers a lightweight, more affordable option with savings that can be passed on to the consumer. In addition to being made from a solid material, they’re also purpose built. They incorporate a stitched outer pocket that can be used for storage of a cell phone, wallet, or car keys while lounging at the beach. Furthermore, the blankets also have a handy shoulder strap for easy carry once you’ve rolled it up and are ready to move on to your next adventure. The design options for the blankets are numerous, and were inspired by traditional Mexican patterns. Fiesta Ziesta works closely with its talented artisans who handcraft the blankets on large looms using their hand and feet. They work tirelessly to provide a product that can be relied on.



It always seems to be the case that we have one sweater or hoodie in our wardrobe that we can’t seem to do without. It’s warm, it’s comfortable, and you can wear it during any season. Cold winter days or breezy summer nights, you know that item is going to be there for you. That’s the exact design thinking that has gone into the development of the Fiesta Ziesta Poncho. It’s a lightweight, warm, and comfortable hoodie that also incorporates breathable recycled fibers in order to keep you nice and cool when necessary. Not only that, but it’s got a fleece liner for added comfort. All of this comes in a handcrafted package created by specialized partner artisans that have passed down the tradition of producing durably constructed goods for generations. The recycled fibers (10% cotton, 40% acrylic, and 50% polyester) are mixed into threads via specialized machinery, and then woven by hand into dependable hoodies. They’re versatile enough for chill bonfire nights at the beach or even spring riding on the mountain.


Dog Collars

Anyone who owns a furry friend knows that you want the best for your dependable buddy. Whether it be food, exercise, or simple quality of life standards, it’s all important. That also extends to the accessories you buy. Millions of dollars are wasted every year on cheap and poorly made products that deteriorate the moment you pass them on to your dog. When it comes to Fiesta Ziesta dog collars, that’s just not the case. The company has paid close attention to how individuals interact with their dogs, and the types of products that work or don’t. Given that research, they’ve developed a collar that is hand-knitted using the same threads and fabric that are used to produce durable belts and headbands. Materials are sourced from specialized areas in Chiapas, Mexico and knitted with care by skilled artisans. Not only that, but they also incorporate traditional Mexican designs and patterns that help them stand out in a crowd. These products are built with tradition in mind, and offer value that can only stem from generations of experience.


The next time you’re looking for a brand that offers quality beach lifestyle goods, look no further than Fiesta Ziesta. By following in the footsteps of other brands like Levi, Red Wing, Apple and Danner they are setting the bar much higher for the products that they offer. Years form now the brand’s name will be synonymous with quality and attention to detail. This is all due to the strength of the bond between the company's founder and his partner artisans, as well as their commitment to pass on reliable products to their consumers. Learn more about Fiesta Ziesta by reading the company blog or check out each of the products highlighted in this article by visiting their online store.