Eco-Friendly / Travel towels / ligeras / compactas y de facil lavado

About Us

Fiesta Ziesta was founded in Encinitas, California.

Several surf trips around Mexican beautiful coastlines turned into a business venture for Alejandro Ramírez originally born in Guadalajara, México. By traveling, having been engaged in the surf and beach apparel industry, and understanding both cultures and languages, Alejandro had the idea and vision of creating an awesome brand for these products. These experiences shaped his perspective and understanding of our world´s growing demand for fair trade, sustainable, and eco-friendly business development.

"Fiesta Ziesta" is the Spanish translation of "party nap". This name drew inspiration from the Mayan culture as to this day, the Mayans celebrate and sleep in their hammocks. 

When Alejandro was a little kid, he would go on surfing trips to secret surf spots with friends, where they would sleep in their hammocks and cover themselves with beach blankets. These road trips, awesome sunsets, friends and family are the inspiration behind Fiesta Ziesta.


The philosophy of Fiesta Ziesta is to sell products hand-crafted by artisans, and in turn increase their quality of life, by providing a fair income, and by creating a more sustainable livelihood for them.  



Our handcrafted products are made by humans. We care and believe that by using organic materials and making our products with LOVE makes a big difference! Fiesta Ziesta is a brand that cares about the environment. As a result, we are a brand that doesn`t mass produce.

Our production strategy is enjoying everyday by having contact with our artisans which are our manufacturers. We believe that working as a team and interacting is the key of success!

Our happy fish named JANDRO is our identity and reflects a healthy happy knitted fish. Furthermore, Fiesta Ziesta is committed to producing handcrafted products that don´t pollute our world. Your support for Fiesta Ziesta furthers our world´s demand for community-driven and unwavering ethical principals. Our artisans have been refining processes and materials for generations.

Their passion and purpose is woven deep within our colorful fabric. Help spread the word about our relaxing handcrafts and our mission to share the Fiesta Ziesta life!